Hiring engaged employees

Getting the right employee is crucial, it’s time consuming and can be expensive if you’ve got to go through the same process every few months. Having worked in the disability movement for the last 10 years we understand that recruiting a person with a disability means you are enriching your service offer and more likely to recruit someone who fully engages in their work and becomes a valued long time employee.
National Autistic Society

We were fortunate, some while ago, to come in to contact with NAS (National Autistic Society) and their Prospects Employment Team who, with very short notice were able to match work ready candidates with our requirements, set up interviews and be a part of the process for as much support as we or the candidates needed.

Through this service we have strengthened our technical design and development capability to cope with the exciting developments we have in the pipeline to enhance our products and services.

About NAS Prospects employment service

“Prospects is our employment and training service for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who wish to work. Our aim is that people with an ASD should have the same training and employment opportunities as non-disabled people. We also work with employers to help with the recruitment, training and retention of staff with an ASD. Some of our services are offered across the UK, others in specific areas”.

Please visit their site for more information