2013 starts with new PhotoRoute & Word-Bank orders

It looks like 2013 will be a significant year in the growth of Enabled City Limited. Our two flagship products, PhotoRoute and Word-Bank, have both been the subject of substantial orders to further develop their use in helping people with learning and other disabilities.


PhotoRoute-thumb-with-textWe are defining a project with one of the London Boroughs to use PhotoRoute as an enabler to help travel training for people with learning difficulties. At the moment the Borough provides transport to people with learning difficulties to get around to major locations within the Borough. The budget for such transport services is being cut within the Borough, so PhotoRoute offers a great way of catering for the needs of people with learning difficulties.

The project is being run in conjunction with a Premier League Football Club which is located in the Borough. Its Charitable Foundation will provide some of the facilities to assist with this project.

We are very excited about this use of PhotoRoute which will result in a significant increase in the Photo Routes within this particular Borough.


logo-Word-Bank-with-textWe have been awarded a contract by a major government department to update the technology of Word-bank to the latest technical environment and roll out the newly updated Word-Bank to 70 of its websites. In the process we will increase the range of definitions and animations that are available.

This is also an exciting new application of Word-Bank and will make the product more appealing to most central and local government websites, helping them comply with the Accessibility legislation.


If either of these projects strikes a nerve with you please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.