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NHS Choices collaboration // Word-Bank offer

Word-Bank licensing offer for NHS websites To celebrate collaborations with NHS Choices health definitions we’re offering 2 years licensing for the price of 1 year for the first 10 NHS websites which take up this offer. We’re now syndicating NHS Choices data within Word-Bank meaning…

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Issues with DIY mapping tools

Issues with DIY mapping tools Google maps are the industry standard in the UK and while they provide a DIY solution, their walking routes are generic and often not how people actually way-find at street level, another issue is that maps not easily updatable to…

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HERO Docs, saving Easy Read budgets

We’ve been busy adding new features and easy read documents to HERO docs, clients can choose from over 100 easy read templates and automatically rebrand at the click of a button, latest templates came from Imperial Healthcare, the bi-fold’s include having a blood test, general…

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Make safeguarding policy make sense

Is policy making sense? Here’s a quick example showing how Word-Bank help’s make policy mainstream. Turn Word-Bank on by clicking on the left hand sidebar See bulleted text below to see new Word-Bank definitions helping make safeguarding policy accessible to those it’s designed to protect. What…

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Enable every citizen to reach their full potential so Britain can

Article by Penny Mordaunt Minister for Disabled People, Health & Work, Conservative MP for Portsmouth North “Consider this. A customer base of over 12million people. People who also constitute a massive pool of untapped talent. A group that is one of the most entrepreneurial groups in society…

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Combat abuse by making policy for young people

Allegations of child abuse in the media is sickening – we need to share our knowledge of basic Human Rights with children by delivering policy in formats accessible to them. Knowledge is power Policy documents are often written by highly educated professionals in highly educated…

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Hotspur Foundation removes independent travel barriers

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation have received funding from the Premier League Charitable fund to roll out the new PhotoRoute service across their patch, expected outcomes include: Removing independent travel barriers (the minimal requirement to go on a Hotspur Foundation course) People with disabilities gaining work based…

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Accessible Information Standard Myth Buster

13 Myths of the Accessible Information Standard Download NHS England’s Accessible Information Standard Myth Buster (powerpoint) to bust the below myths.. Myth #1 “If someone can’t read a letter because they’re blind, there’s no point sending them an email or a text message!” Reality #1 A person…

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Transforming Care

Enabled City has worked with Local Government Association to create 7 films about the Transforming Care Programme. The films show how Transforming Care improves peoples lives. For background information follow this link to or how to add films to to your website. Empowerment films – what empowerment…

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Transforming Care film for Local Government Association

Enabled City has been chosen to create 7 films about Transforming Care for the Local Government Association (LGA). The film will be led by the Transforming Care Empowerment Steering Group. This group recognises the expertise that people with a learning disability and families have, and…

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