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Why inclusive design matters

Our richly diverse populations are ageing, we’re technically capable and expect smart services to work intuitively – we have one opportunity to attract a new customer. According to Disability Rights UK, 83% of disabled people had ‘walked away’ from making a purchase, unable or unwilling…

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Pre-paid cash cards

Enabled City is a provider of technology solutions for people with physical and learning disabilities and those with mental health issues. It has partnered with a large digital agency to provide pre-paid cash cards for organisations which have a significant interaction and engagement with people with…

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Premier League announce new rule this season that concussed players

The Premier League have introduced a new set of rules to address the issue of concussion in football that include the specific stipulation that managers must now defer to the club team doctor in deciding whether a player stays on the pitch. An additional tunnel…

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Making the Game Accessible For All

Redefining Accessibility in Football Stadiums Premier League football clubs have fallen under fire from the BBC. Earlier this week an article titled Premier League Clubs ‘failing disabled fans’ highlights some of the major annoyances held by disabled fans over high ticket prices and inadequate seating….

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The Quality of the Away Fan’s Experience is Slipping

Transportation and Ticket Prices Increase without Major Improvements to Customer Service and Convenience English Premier League football clubs are experiencing an all-time surge of popularity. Last season saw the highest average attendance in the premier league in fifty years. But despite the high attendance figures,…

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Accessibility added to FA’s Equality Policy

Word-Bank is a really easy tool to add to websites, it makes text heavy information fun to access and accessible to a much wider audience. For an example we’ve copied the Football Association’s Equality Policy into this page – turn Word-Bank on from the left hand pull out…

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Tottenham Hotspur Foundation extends reach

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is committed to providing the best sports, health, training, and education programmes for all their communities; creating opportunities, encouraging enterprise and innovation, promoting social cohesion and enhancing life skills. This is achieved by working with a wide range of partners including central…

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Enabled City is proud to announce that we are now working with GLL to provide our picture-based way finding software PhotoRoute for Eltham Leisure Centre in Greenwich. The award winning Eltham Leisure Centre is part of a the IFI “Inclusive Fitness Initiative” and is dedicated…

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Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust increases engagement

Enabled City is very excited to be working with Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust (HPFT) to create a support system that lends a new level of accessibility to the Hertfordshire site and translates the trust’s values into easily language. We will be working with Hertfordshire to create new…

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West Lea SEN School promotes independence

For years West Lea School (WLS) has provided students with special education needs an education that goes beyond the classroom into their everyday lives. Located in the Enfield Local Education Authority, West Lea School is a school focusing on giving students tools to live actively…

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