Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust increases engagement

Enabled City is very excited to be working with Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust (HPFT) to create a support system that lends a new level of accessibility to the Hertfordshire site and translates the trust’s values into easily language.

We will be working with Hertfordshire to create new Word-Bank definitions for their website that embodies the values that we share; being welcoming, kind, positive, respectful, and professional to all.

HPFT are keen to develop imagery to support the meanings so that they can reach as many people as possible, and empower people accessing services to understand what to expect when using their services.

Part of this project involves, not just, the people who work for the Hertfordshire Trust, but also, those who use its services. “We are working to make the site better for both the employees and the customers of this organisation. As such, we are asking for your input on how we can best serve your needs”.

If you have any suggestions of photo-images you think should be considered for our list of definitions, please send them to Alison Muir Communication Lead Learning Disabilities and Forensics: Alison.Muir@hpft.nhs.uk

Go to Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust (HPFT) website.