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PhotoRoute Guide to London Musicals

With so many London Musicals to choose from this summer, we know that deciding on what to watch can be a little daunting so we’ve decided to put together a guide to some of our favourite musicals for this summer.


1)      Matilda the Musical

Where: Cambridge Theatre
PhotoRoute: Central London Theatres
This phenomenal new musical has taken London by storm. With a brilliant child and adult cast, everyone will fall in love with Matilda this summer. This musical is perfect for children or anyone who’s ever been a child. Tim Minchin’s musical is a true masterpiece with cheeky lyrics and catchy music, this promises to be a fantastic family trip.

2)      Les Miserables

Where: Queen’s Theatre
PhotoRoute: Central London Theatres
This is the longest running of the London Musicals and you will not be left with any doubt as to why when you go and see it. Les Miserables is a timeless classic with breathtaking music and a magnificent cast of talented actors. Be carried away by the soaring beauty of Claude-Michel Schönberg’s music and experience the majesty of this truly timeless show. Some of the themes in this musical may be inappropriate for children under the age of 14.

3)      The Phantom of the Opera

Where: Her Majesty’s Theatre
The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most famous of the London Musicals and has become an icon that is recognized worldwide. This breathtaking musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a tourist favourite and has powerful music and special effects. Be blown away by the intensity of the Phantom against the backdrop of this majestic theatre. Book tickets today and you will see why this is a musical people keep going back to.

4)      Billy Elliot the Musical

Where: Victoria Palace Theatre
This quintessentially British musical has been capturing the hearts of the capital with its powerful and moving story for 7 years and won 10 Tony Awards in 2009. This is perhaps the best ever musical adaptation of a film and beautifully captures the innocence and passion that made us fall in love with Billy in the 2000 film. Set against the backdrop of 1984/95 miner’s strike in northern England this musical is powerful and full of passion with explosive dance routines and epic music.

5)      Sweeny Todd

Where: Adelphi Theatre
PhotoRoute: Central London Theatres

This deliciously dark musical tells the tale of Sweeny Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street who used to murder his customers and cook them into the pies he sold with his accomplice Mrs Lovett. The dark humour of this musical is spectacular and the cast give a world-class performance that will have you in stitches. Set in 1930s London this musical has triumphantly returned home in what the Times calls ‘an absolute triumph’ of a performance. Some of the themes in this musical may be inappropriate for young children.

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PhotoRoute London Premium App

Over 100 Premium Routes through Central LondonTried our free PhotoRoute app for Android and iOS and wondering why to buy the premium version? Here are our top six reasons to buy it:

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More information

Like all of our ‘Lite’ routes, all the routes have estimated walking times and distances and some of our premium routes have interesting facts and history in the information printed along the route.

London Tours

Our premium app includes all of our tours of London, from museums to theatres to parks. We’ve grouped the sights taking distance and relevance into account so that each tour is hassle free and the sights are connected. Our tours of London’s green spaces are particularly exciting as PhotoRoute London is the only app out there that guides you through parks with comprehensive photographs.

Walking guides of central London

Our maps cover all of London and are especially concentrated around central London and areas like Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Hyde Park. With our app you will have tours and routes around central London at your fingertips and can fully enjoy a relaxing walk instead of a stressful journey on public transport.

Our app is the key to a stress-free summer and Olympic experience. With accessible tours and as well as some of London’s hidden gems, exploring London has never been easier or more enjoyable. Have a look at our blog post on the Top Seven Walks on Photoroute to see a sample of what the app has to offer and find a route that suits you.

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Introducing our FREE PhotoRoute app!


Please note the app mentioned below was developed for the London 2012 Paralympics.

In 2014 we created a system based on web apps which work without users having to download a specific app from a specific app store which was used for Tottenham Hotspur FC‘s match day experience.

In 2017 launched a new platform with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to reduce travel training barriers of those wanting to attend Foundation courses.

About London 2012’s app

PhotoRoute is designed to guide people along paths and walks, so we needed a format that allowed people to carry all the website information around with them. While you can easily print any of our routes from our website, we wanted people to be able to decide to take a tour on the go and not have to plan their day beforehand. A PhotoRoute app allows users to access all of our information from anywhere and see all the routes available without having to plan journeys before leaving the house. The additional location services integrated into the app also give the added bonus of being able to see your position along the route and find routes and walks near you.

Smart phones are not only a growing global trend, they have also been recognized as some of the best phones for people with disabilities, as they often have more extensive access settings and options, and users can customize their phones through additional content and apps to fit their needs. We hope that again by launching a smart phone PhotoRoute app, we are still reaching our client base of clients with learning or physical disabilities and also broadening our outreach.

In an article published by The Guardian, Abi James, head of product innovation at iansyst said:

“Accessibility helps all. The mobile phone industry is starting to realise that accessibility and usability go hand in hand – improvements for those with disabilities can assist all.”

Apple’s new Siri and Nuance’s Dragon Dictation software are perfect examples of how technology that has been used for years by people with disabilities is now appealing to a much wider, general audience.

This idea is exactly the concept that we at PhotoRoute have always believed. We believe that making software accessible for people with disabilities shouldn’t make other users feel like the technology is not suited to them, as improved access is something we can all benefit from. PhotoRoute has been designed with this belief in mind, they are accessible and user friendly in a way that everyone can enjoy so that everyone can have fun exploring.

2017 – a new platform for a new year

The new PhotoRoute platform is mobile ready out of the box as well as providing desktop, print and more embed options. We re-coded PhotoRoute by hand from the ground up to make it even easier for clients to create and edit maps and add more accessibility features such as being able to filter routes and removing reliance from visual searching of routes.

Embedded view with print options

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The Guardian lists PhotoRoute

The Guardian Technology Apps Blog has discovered Photoroute and likes what it sees. It has listed a number of recently published apps and in the list it has included Photoroute.

Here’s what it has to stay about our recently published Photoroute London mobile app.


This is a really good idea: an app from Enabled City for “accessible, editable route maps” in London, aimed at people with physical and learning disabilities, as well as people speaking English as a second language. That means step-free routes for people using wheelchairs, and photos taken along each route to aid navigation.

Android / iPhone”
The Guardian Technology Apps Blog, by Stuart Dredge

Over 100 Premium Routes through Central London

We are very pleased to have a national newspaper and media company of the standing of The Guardian confirm that they think it’s a really good idea too and with a circulation of 60,847,400, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

Photoroute London

Our first mobile version of the photoroute product family focuses on London and should help the many people visiting London for the first time, whether it’s for the Olympics or the Diamond Jubilee or for business. It comes with a whole lot of carefully selected routes and we are adding to the store of photoroutes all the time. Your investment in the mobile app version will allow you to access an ever increasing number of routes in London and, eventually, throughout the world.

If you haven’t already downloaded your version of the app you can do so on the side panel on the right. It’s available at a very special launch discount right now.

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Mapping the story behind Wenlock and Mandeville

Providing PhotoRoute maps of the Discovery Trails was Enabled city’s second commission from the Greater London Authority’s 2012 Unit.
The Discovery Trails are walks designed to take Olympic and Paralympic visitors around the different parts of London and experience everything that our city has to offer. Each trail takes you to some iconic sights and attractions with the added bonus of havingOlympic Mascotts Wenlock and Mandeville being dotted along the routes.

Figures of Wenlock and Mandeville have been placed along the routes in wonderful designs representing British icons appropriate to where they have been placed. The Olympic mascots never looked more alive and full of personality against the sadly still rather grey London sky. We are very excited to be almost ready to unveil our routes of the Discovery Trails so that you can all start exploring London. Here’s a little bit of the history behind the mascots from the BBC:

“The characters are named after the small town of Much Wenlock in Shropshire – which hosted a precursor to the modern Olympic Games in the 19th Century – and the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire.”

“Olympic motifs chime through the design: Wenlock wears the Olympic rings as friendship bracelets, and although predominantly silver in colour, also contains flashes of gold and bronze.
Mandeville’s head reflects aspects of the three crescent shapes of the Paralympics symbol.
In a deliberate homage to London taxis, each has a yellow light on top of its head, with an initial in the middle.”

“In author Morpurgo’s vision, the pair begin life as two drops of steel from a factory in Bolton, taken home by a retiring worker who fashions characters out of the metal for his grandchildren.
They appear to have a single central eye, explained as a camera lens, through which they’ll see the world, and respond to it.”
Gordon Farquhar, BBC London News

The mascots are designed with children in mind and the story behind them is intended to make them easier to interact with and more engaging for children. Children have seen the mascots learn to play the different Olympic sports in a series of animated updates which have brought them to life and made them Olympic icons which will hopefully be remembered for years to come.

See other PhotoRoute articles.

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Top 7 London Walks

These are our Top 7 London Walks from those available on Photoroute.


One of our circular, step free London walks through the historic Westminster. See some of the most impressive monuments and buildings in the capital and enjoy a walk through St. James’ Park or take a picnic and relax on the grass. The route takes you via Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Horse Guards Parade and Downing Street. This is a truly historic and beautiful walk.

South Kensington Museums and Parks

This circular tour passes 3 of London’s most famous museums – the V&A Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. See the dinosaurs in all their majesty, discover the wonders of science and see some of the UK’s most impressive collections. Enjoy one of our relaxing London walks through Hyde Park and shop in luxury at Knightsbridge’s Harrods.

Princess Diana Memorial Walk

The Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial London Walk takes visitors through four of the most beautiful parks in the world, and within sight of famous buildings and locations associated with the Princess during her life. The seven-mile-long step free walk crosses St James’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. From the walk visitors can see three palaces and two mansions which figured in the life of the Princess: Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, St James’s Palace, and Spencer House, the one time London house of the Spencer family. This is one of the most Palace packed London Walks!


This route guides you along the newly renovated Southbank with glorious views of the River Thames. Some highlights on the route include the London Eye, Globe Theatre, OXO Tower and British Film Institute. The Southbank was recently renovated by the Greater London Authority, in preparation for the games, to provide accessible and step-free London walks.

Victoria Park and the Olympic Stadium

This circular walk takes you through Victoria Park, with views of the new Olympic Stadium and a peaceful walk along Regents Canal. The walk beings and ends at Hackney Wick Overground station which is accessible for people using wheelchairs and is completely step-free. Enjoy all the majesty of the central London parks without the crowds in this relaxing walk and discover the new Olympic site.

London’s Best Loved Theatres

Another of our circular London walks takes you, from Charing Cross Mainline Station, on a tour around 16 of London’s most famous theatres all in under 1 hour. The route takes you around Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross and Covent Garden, allowing you to enjoy exploring central London and discover what our finest theatres have to offer.

Bloomsbury Museums

The last of our Top 7 London walks takes you through one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city –Bloomsbury. The route takes you past the iconic British Museum, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, British Library and the Foundling Museum. Discover centuries of world history in just one afternoon or take a break and read a classic in central London’s green spaces.

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PhotoRoute works with Transport for London

All of our routes are designed to connect with Transport for London Underground and Overground stations to allow users to easily access routes from main transport nodes. Many of our tours and routes also pass stations on the way to give walkers the option of shortening routes, should they wish to leave them a bit sooner.

Transport for London

Transport for London is committed to making it easier for people to walk throughout the Olympics and has produced some walking maps of London from main transport stations that PhotoRoute compliments wonderfully. As the Olympic and Paralympic games approach, it is important to consider alternative forms of transportation to avoid huge traffic jams and delays on public transport. The walking maps that Transport for London have produced aim to show people that under these circumstances walking may sometimes be the fastest option, and that many central London stations are closer to each other than you think. PhotoRoute compliments the walking maps that TFL has produced and also provides a more accessible alternative for users with disabilities or needing step-free routes and access.

The Transport for London website pages with walking information say:

“During the Games London’s transport network will be busy and many places will be easier to reach on foot. Why not walk some or your entire journey? By avoiding busy stations, your journey could be quicker and easier. Walking will also be a great way to soak up the Games atmosphere and experience what is happening in and around the city.”

Here at PhotoRoute, we couldn’t agree more. With our tours around central London and routes to and form main transport stations, walking during the Olympics couldn’t be easier. Our top 7 walking tours of London take you through some of the most impressive sights of London and some of the world’s most majestic green spaces. Walking is quick and reliable as well as being good for your health and the environment. Our maps make it easy to dip in and out of routes with shortening options and places to take breaks dotted along the way.

The best way to discover a new city or even rediscover the city that you already live in is to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. With the Olympic and Paralympic Games, what time could be better to enjoy seeing London through new eyes whilst also beating the traffic and being smart about how you travel.

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Visit London parks with PhotoRoute

PhotoRoute walks in two London Parks

Our tours of London parks are the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather and take the whole family for a nice day in the great outdoors. Why not try letting the kids lead the expedition and see how they follow our photo routes? Our tours take you on perfectly planned out strolls through the parks and gardens so you can really relax and enjoy the view. We currently have two routes to choose from, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk and the Olympic route..

1. The Hyde Park route takes you through Hyde Park, Green Park and Kensington Gardens. The route starts off in GreenHyde Park following Princess Diana Memorial WalkPark and takes you past Marble Arch and the grand entrance of Hyde Park then takes you through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens along the banks of the Serpentine. See the beautiful Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial and visit the Serpentine Gallery for a truly fantastic day out. From the walk visitors can see three palaces and two mansions which figured in the life of the Princess: Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, St James’s Palace, and Spencer House, the one time London house of the Spencer family. Don’t miss out on the route that Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Chairman of the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Committee, described as ‘one of the most magnificent urban parkland walks in the world.’
Click here to see the route and start planning your London parks day out.

2. On of our Olympic routes taking you through Victoria Park,returning along the Regents Canal and Olympic Park. This Photoroute tour of Victoria Parkstep-free route should take just over 1 hour and begins and ends at Hackney Wick Overground station, which is wheelchair-accessible. Victoria Park (known colloquially as Vicky Park or the People’s Park) has all the majesty of Regents Park but without the crowds of people. It is bounded on two sides the Regent’s Canal land the Hertford Union Canal so a large part of the route is along the banks of these quaint canals. This exciting park gained its popularity as the ‘People’s Park’ in the 19th century as it increasingly became the hub of political rallies and stripes, perhaps even exceeding Hyde Park in this regard. In 2008, Time Out magazine voted Victoria Park London’s best local park, and in 2011 it won its first Green Flag award and was again voted London’s favourite park, this time in the national People’s Choice Award. The park will be playing a major role in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games as a Live Site with free access big screens and used for other Olympic events. Get ahead of the crowds and visit this magnificent example of London parks  this July with our new photo route. Click here to see our route.

All of these London parks routes and many more are available to view and print on Enjoy walking through London parks completely relaxed with our easy walking instructions and photographs. With Photoroute, everyone can enjoy walking and exploring London’s gems.

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