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Marketing assistant vacancy – position now filled

Company Description

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We are a small company based near Old Street specialising in producing software and products that are accessible and help organisations communicate effectively, reach new markets and exceed legal obligations through our bolt-on value adding products and services.
Our product lines include PhotoRoute and Word-Bank which are technology solutions originally designed for people with learning and other disabilities but developed into products with a wider appeal and market base.


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A new, completely innovative, walker-friendly digital mapping system. The only mapping system of its kind, it allows visitors and locals to navigate London much more easily without worrying about getting lost. We add layers of information onto maps to make way-finding easier and more accessible. Our maps, which can be produced on a consultancy basis, are embeddable, printable and can be accessed on our website as well as our new mobile phone app (for android and iphone). Our maps use photographs with arrows and written directions to guide users through routes from start to finish and take the stress out of navigation. We launched the PhotoRoute London apps this summer and they have been hugely successful and helped gain media attention and catapult our mapping solution into the public eye.


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A great facility for people with learning difficulties or those for whom English is a second language. Word-Bank will produce, on websites licensed to do so, a pictorial, animated or textual description of a word which the reader does not understand. This is done in situ in the website, so that the reader does not have to move away from the website to gain a clear understanding of the phrase or word that they are finding difficult.

Job Description

Computer iconWe are looking for a Marketing and Media assistant to help with the continuing development of PhotoRoute and launch of Word-Bank.
Following a short induction and training period you will be in charge of marketing the product and contacting media, publications and institutions and arranging meetings where appropriate. Marketing the products will involve writing and submitting articles and information packs to external media and writing articles for our own websites, as well as monitoring and updating our websites to ensure all the information presented is accurate and to a high standard. Media managing could involve setting up and managing Facebook and Twitter accounts for Word-Bank and managing our PhotoRoute Facebook account.

As a small company, we are flexible and our activities vary greatly. You may be asked every now and again to undertake or assist on tasks outside of marketing and media such as answering emails, attending meetings or helping our web team with feedback regarding the website or mobile apps. As a small team we work closely together and the office environment is very relaxed and friendly. We are looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic person who will work well within our team and is not afraid to take the lead when necessary.


There are no specific requirements for this post although experience or a degree in a business, marketing or media related field are desirable.
All applicants must be 18 years of age or over, and be eligible to work in the UK.


To be agreed

Working Hours

9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Office Location

Enabled City Limited
The Shoreditch Building
35 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8AA

How to apply

If you have any questions or interested to apply then please email with your CV and a Cover Note explaining why you’d like to apply for the job.
Enabled City is an inclusive employer.

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2013 starts with new PhotoRoute & Word-Bank orders

It looks like 2013 will be a significant year in the growth of Enabled City Limited. Our two flagship products, PhotoRoute and Word-Bank, have both been the subject of substantial orders to further develop their use in helping people with learning and other disabilities.


PhotoRoute-thumb-with-textWe are defining a project with one of the London Boroughs to use PhotoRoute as an enabler to help travel training for people with learning difficulties. At the moment the Borough provides transport to people with learning difficulties to get around to major locations within the Borough. The budget for such transport services is being cut within the Borough, so PhotoRoute offers a great way of catering for the needs of people with learning difficulties.

The project is being run in conjunction with a Premier League Football Club which is located in the Borough. Its Charitable Foundation will provide some of the facilities to assist with this project.

We are very excited about this use of PhotoRoute which will result in a significant increase in the Photo Routes within this particular Borough.


logo-Word-Bank-with-textWe have been awarded a contract by a major government department to update the technology of Word-bank to the latest technical environment and roll out the newly updated Word-Bank to 70 of its websites. In the process we will increase the range of definitions and animations that are available.

This is also an exciting new application of Word-Bank and will make the product more appealing to most central and local government websites, helping them comply with the Accessibility legislation.


If either of these projects strikes a nerve with you please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.