Photoroute for Accessible Tourism

Knowing that PhotoRoute for Accessible Tourism is a great concept, a number of us from PhotoRoute had the great pleasure of attending Visit Scotland’s Accessible Tourism Conference this week in Edinburgh. What a great event this was to promote the concept and business case for accessible tourism in Scotland. As ever, Scotland seems to be ahead of the curve!

Scotland is host to a number of significant events in 2014:Visit Scotland

  • Homecoming Scotland 2014
  • Glasgow 2014 – The Commonwealth Games
  • The Ryder Cup – Gleneagles 2014

The country, quite rightly, is gearing up to provide an accessible welcome to all. People with disabilities and impairments are just as entitled to visit these and other great events, but the tourist infrastructure needs to be fit for purpose to provide accessible facilities for those people. Provision of World-class tourist facilities makes good business sense.

  • The statistics make for a great business case to support accessible tourism:
  • The market is growing in terms of customer numbers and so its spending power. 
  • The annual disability market is estimated in excess of £80 billion, older people’s spending is set to reach £100 billion p.a. 
  • In 2008 older people’s spend reached £97 billion, some 15% of total household spend in the UK.
  • According to ONS Travel 2009-11, the 55 plus age group outspent the 16-34 group for the very first time.

However, the clients feel that there is insufficient choice for accessible facilities. Studies have shown that there is pent up demand for accessible tourism, not just within the UK, but from the rest of the world. People with disabilities do like to travel and explore tourist places as much as anyone.

  • 84% of Europeans believe better accessibility of goods and services would improve opportunities for industry to sell products to disabled and older people
  • Two thirds 66% said that they would buy, or pay more for products if they were more accessible and better designed for all.  

(Flash Eurobarometer  Report EU Commission – Director General Justice –  March 2012)

Accessible Tourism

The main barrier for the Tourism Industry is the low level of awareness, misconceptions and discomfort with disability with the needs and aspirations of people with accessible needs. The Visit Scotland conference was about getting behind those myths, asking the difficult questions, opening up the dialogue that has been shut down by political correctness over many years!

Accessible Tourism is all about unlocking the potential that exists in the business case for providing accessible facilities. It is far more than just compliance with the law, it will give you a real return on your business investment:

  • Expand and diversify your customer base
  • Financial benefits: increased sales and improved profitability
  • Loyal customer base and repeat business
  • Improved reputation and ‘free’ word of mouth advertising
  • Competitive advantage: differentiation from competitors
  • It is not about charity
  • It’s about a better return on your investment
  • It’s about higher occupancy rates
  • It’s about sales
  • It’s about just good business sense
  • “Just market to me like you market to the golfers…. I have money to spend I need good quality information, I need a smile… these cost very little.”

PhotoRoute is happy to support this accessible initiative of Visit Scotland. The Photoroute product is a facility to help businesses help people with access and learning difficulties find their way to their premises. Hotels, visitor attractions and parks are ideal clients for the PhotoRoute technology. It is very cost effective and easy to use. It provides facilities for the traveler on the go, as well as providing the opportunity to research the terrain and access of where they are going, before they set out.

If you would like more information on PhotoRoute for accessible tourism, please use the contact page and we will talk to you soon.