How to embed a PhotoRoute client page

PhotoRoute creates client pages enabling maps to be grouped together and providing website visitors with a visual search, ideal for people who are graphical and those not exactly sure of start or end points.
The benefit for website managers is website visitors being able to browse a selection of maps without having to leave your website.
Here’s the client page for PhotoRoute London.

How to embed a client page

Follow these 4 easy steps to embed a group of PhotoRoute maps into your site.

1. From the maps menu select a client page to embed.
Choose your client page to embed

2. Click on the ’embed this map link’ from the top right of the map.
Select the 'embed this map' link

3. Copy and paste the HTML into your web page.
Copy the HTML embed code

4. The default size of the embed frame is 300pixels wide by 500pixels high.
To customise the embed window to fit your webpage change height and widths (twice).
How to customise the embed window size.