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Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust increases engagement

Enabled City is very excited to be working with Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust (HPFT) to create a support system that lends a new level of accessibility to the Hertfordshire site and translates the trust’s values into easily language.

We will be working with Hertfordshire to create new Word-Bank definitions for their website that embodies the values that we share; being welcoming, kind, positive, respectful, and professional to all.

HPFT are keen to develop imagery to support the meanings so that they can reach as many people as possible, and empower people accessing services to understand what to expect when using their services.

Part of this project involves, not just, the people who work for the Hertfordshire Trust, but also, those who use its services. “We are working to make the site better for both the employees and the customers of this organisation. As such, we are asking for your input on how we can best serve your needs”.

If you have any suggestions of photo-images you think should be considered for our list of definitions, please send them to Alison Muir Communication Lead Learning Disabilities and Forensics:

Go to Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust (HPFT) website.

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West Lea SEN School promotes independence

For years West Lea School (WLS) has provided students with special education needs an education that goes beyond the classroom into their everyday lives. Located in the Enfield Local Education Authority, West Lea School is a school focusing on giving students tools to live actively and independently. Enabled City’s PhotoRoute mapping toolkit is helping in this endeavor.

Through a partnership with Enfield Council’s Joint service for disabled children and Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the West Lea School have subscribed to PhotoRoute to aid their travel-training and independence education. It is, in part, a continuation of the Tottenham Hotsupur’s efforts to widen horizons, raise aspirations and provide opportunities to young people regardless of race, sex, age or ability in it’s communities. They are using these maps, not only to educate their students in independent travel, but also to give them the skills to create these maps, which can translate to real world technical skills.

The outcomes include greater independence for individuals by reducing the need for council provided transport. Trained instructors will teach their students the in’s and out’s of PhotoRoute, who will then create maps of routes they themselves travel every day. The team at West Lea School is very enthusiastic about this project and PhotoRoute in general. It fits well with the school’s motto of “Learning for Life,” while the system’s easy-to-use interface and adaptable capacity continues the policy of personalisation and ensuring skills needed to advance either in academia or the working world. The act of students independently creating also increases their confidence, independence, and could even count towards Duke of Edinburgh accreditation.


“West Lea Specialist Sports College & Physical Education School recently published the PhotoRoute map on our website. This was for the public to be able to find us on foot from Edmonton Green railway station to our main entrance. Only after a few days of the publication a visitor to the school commented that they found the link on our website and used the App to find their way to our school. They commented on how easy and efficient it was to use and made the journey on foot more enjoyable and less stress to know they had directions.
We are very pleased with PhotoRoute map and intend to use it for our pupil’s to know how to travel around our borough. Our next publication is to find the route from our school to our charity shop in Edmonton Green Shopping Mall, so our students can find the best, safest and easiest way to the shop”.
Julian Halford Community & Enterprise Manager, West Lea School


How this work fits into larger local picture.

Infographic: Community development with PhotoRoute, Tottenham Hotspurs Foundation and FC and Enfield Council

What is PhotoRoute?

PhotoRoute is a map authoring toolkit developed from travel training concepts used by people with learning disabilities. Visit London gold award expertise for being inclusive of visitors speaking English as a second language and people with physical disabilities.

 About PhotoRoute

PhotoRoute was used by London 2012 Paralympics, NHS Hospitals, VisitEngland and the Tottenham Hotspurs Foundation to increase grassroots participation and engagement.

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Greenwich CCG – Personal Health Budgets

Greenwich CCG commissioned Enabled City to provide easy-to-read patient leaflets that explain the Personal Health Budget process and licensed Word-Bank’s automated jargon busting software to improve online engagement with people accessing services and staff.
The information was aimed to be easily accessible to family carers who often speak English as a second language, and people with learning disabilities.


What is a Personal Health Budget?

A personal health budget is an amount of money that is spent on meeting the healthcare and wellbeing needs of people, generally those with a long term illness or disability. The NHS wants to make it easier for people and for them to get the NHS care that best suits them. Having a personal health budget is one way to achieve this.

Clients with a personal health budget can use it for a range of things to help you meet health and wellbeing goals, logo-PHB-not-allowedfor example therapies, personal care and equipment.

Personal Health Budgets are not allowed to be spent on things like gambling, debt repayment, alcohol or tobacco, or anything unlawful.

Types of Personal Health Budget

Notional budget – No money changes hands. You find out how much money is available and talk to your doctor or care manager about the different ways to spend that money on meeting your needs. They will then arrange the agreed care.

Direct payment – You get the cash to buy the services you and your doctor or care manager decide you need. You have to show what you have spent it on, but you buy and manage services yourself. A personal health budget is not the same as a direct payment.​

Real budget held by a third party – A different organisation or trust holds the money for you, helps you decide what you need and then buys the services you have chosen.

Applying for a Personal Health Budget in Greenwich

NHS Greenwich​ Clinical Commissioning Group offers Personal Health Budgets to anyone receiving NHS continuing healthcare but do not need to be in hospital. For example this may be provided for people with learning disabilities or people who are physically frail.

NHS Greenwich CCG Personal Health Budget leaflets

Go through the Personal Health Budgets leaflets in this order

  1. PHB Information for Patients & Families
  2. PHB Personal Health Budget Process
  3. PHB Direct Payments

Follow this link for easy-to-read leaflets or visit contact Greenwich