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Safeguarding: making process accessible

Information should be fun, represent our diverse communities and be accessible

Following our Tottenham Hotspur FC fan excellence work and TH Foundation independent travel project we’re making clubs our Word-Bank engagement software and easy-read desktop publishing services to:

  • Help with wider community engagement
  • Make policy and procedure accessible

“Accessible” means that the following people can understand your written and electronic material:

  • People at the national reading age of an educated 11 year old (BBC)
  • People with learning, physical (way-finding maps) and sensory disabilities
  • People speaking English as a second language

Ensuring policy becomes mainstream

Word-Bank is a BBC Innovation Lab awarded literacy tool helping online engagement and “understandability” rather than just readability.
Word-Bank’s platform was recently redeveloped via an NHS England contract, the new system boasts:

  • Effortless integration, you just add a few few lines of code then choose which dictionaries to automatically link back to your website
  • Cross platform working on mobile, tablet, desktop and intranets
  • Enabling clients to control branding
  • Clients being able to contextualise instances of definitions locally
  • Providing clients with custom dictionaries

For an example see Word-Bank added to the FA’s Equality Policy or other articles on Word-Bank.

Easy read design services

Easy Read desktop publishing

Easy Read is where we convert client documents into clear, accessible language and use photographic images to support text with pixel perfect design.

Earlier safeguarding projects include NHS London’s accessible complaints leaflets, produced with health professionals, front line clinicians and people with disabilities.
We make the process simple, following copy being signed off centrally we provided each London Acute Care trust with a locally personalised PDF document to help patients understand that when things go wrong:

  • It’s not their faultSafeguarding with Tottenham Hotspur FC
  • There is a complaints process
  • We’re sorry this happened
  • You will be treated with privacy, respect and dignity and basic human rights
  • Mini case studies of people who had engaged in the process and improved services
  • Local branding, phone numbers, language and walk in support services

Safeguarding related projects with NHS providers

  • Making a Welcome Pack accessible for people who have been sectioned
    • licensing Word-Bank and custom definitions to help their entire websites accessibility.
      The easier to read Welcome Pack will be provided in website format to be easily copy and pasted into their main website.
    • Easy Read leaflets for Community Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
    • Easy Read leaflets for Patient Report Experience Measure (PREM)
    • Easy Read leaflets for Patient Report Outcome Measures (PROM)
    • Easy Read leaflets for Accessible Safeguarding and Complaints, personalised to 7 locations

Greenwich CCGlogo-Greenwich-CCG

  • Engagement videos helping patients understand the Continuing Health Care pathway
  • Personal Health Budgets
    • Easy Read leaflets explaining the PHB process, information was aimed to accessible to family carers who often speak English as a second language and people with learning disabilities
    • Licensing Word-Bank’s automated jargon busting software to improve online engagement with people accessing services and staff

NHS England

    • Consulting on the new accessible information standard being mandated in early 2015.


For a live Word-Bank example see a copy of the Football Association’s Equality Policy.