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Tottenham Hotspur FC makes policy mainstream provision

Following customer experience work with Tottenham Hotspur FC and grassroots engagement for their award winning Hotspur Foundation, the club asked Enabled City to provide easy read consultancy on their safeguarding policy.

“Everyone should feel safe and not be abused by others. Safeguarding means protecting children and adults to be safe from abuse or neglect”. 

Enabled City’s expertise in making policy into mainstream provision comes from working with the NHS, we feel information should be inclusive, fun to access and accessible to those at the national reading age being that of an educated 11 year old (BBC).

Tottenham Hotspur FC Premier League safeguarding

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Protected: Saracens – Disabled Access Information

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Protected: Health and wellbeing in Lambeth with Word-Bank

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Supporting NHS Five Year Forward View

The NHS has dramatically improved over the past fifteen years and there is a plan for a better future. This ‘Forward View’ sets out a clear direction for the NHS – showing why change is needed and what it should look like.
The sustainability of the NHS and economic prosperity of Britain all now depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.

The NHS is focusing nationally on reducing obesity, smoking, alcohol and other major health risks. They will help develop and support new workplace incentives to promote employee health and cut sickness-related unemployment. Second, when people do need health services, patients will gain far greater control of their own care.

Enabled City’s services (Word-Bank and PhotoRoute) support the NHS Five Year Forward View by promoting self care for the widest possible audience, inclusive of those speaking English as a second language or with low literacy, with learning and physical disabilities and our ageing populations.
Our services have been designed with NHS systems to be easily added to others.

Issue – single use PDF culture

We’ve fed into NHS England’s new accessible information standard coming into force in 2015 and appreciate that 1 size does not fit all, we’ve mastered desktop publishing to create beautiful easy read PDFs, while we understand that PDFs will always be important for the NHS they’re also part of a single use culture being:

  • expensive to create  and difficult to edit once published
  • often linked from HTML content i.e. not part on the mainstream information provision and therefore less accessible
  • not designed with mobile devices in mind (last year more people in the UK viewed content via mobile device than desktop computer)

Solution – supply easy read in HTML website format

Re-writing a Welcome Pack for people who have been sectioned in HTML webpage format along with Word-Bank literacy software (site wide improvement) and custom definitions, and by doing so have the following benefits:

  • lowered production costs/quicker to produce in HTML
  • easy for their team to cut and paste HTML content directly into their website to be mainstream information provision
  • taking control of edits/updates going forward
  • able to share with other health care providers wanting to exceed best practice and lower costs

We’re keen to work with more innovative health providers to create templated webpage content to support the 5 Year Forward View, contact us to get involved.

How we support Five Year Forward View

We’ve been innovating within health since 2006 receiving a BBC Innovation award for Word-Bank, an automated NHS jargon buster and Visit London gold award for our way-finding solution inclusively designed with people with learning disabilities.

We also provide easy-read consultancy services, recent projects include:
1. Redesigning Mental Health PREMs & PROMs services and a Welcome Pack for people who have been sectioned (Word-Bank and easy-read).

2. Greenwich CCG’s Personal Health Budget communications and currently working on a Continuing Healthcare engagement video:

3. Following 2 successful Paralympic way-finding projects we’ve been working with Network Rail and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Foundation to redefine community and facility way-finding

Word-Bank, helping with online engagement, public sector equality duties, education and self help.
NHS-Greenwich-Word-BankIt’s an automated jargon buster used by NHS England, it’s BBC Innovation Lab Awarded and independently proven to aid website comprehension by 100% for people with learning disabilities (Disability Rights Commission) – the UK’s average literacy being that of an educated 11 year old.
For articles:

Our other inclusively designed service, PhotoRoute, is ideal for external/internal hospital way-finding and healthy lifestyle promotion.
PhotoRoute way-finding toolkitUsed by London 2012 Paralympic Games, the NHS, premier league football clubs and VisitEngland.
The concept for PhotoRoute was developed from travel training concepts used by people with learning disabilities.

PhotoRoute’s toolkit creates step free, easy-to-navigate, walking routes in website, print, embeddable, and mobile app formats.
Here’s an embedded version (click Website and Print links from embedded map).
Tottenham Hotspur FC recently re-launched the new way-finding software, heres the full article:

What our clients say

“We have found Word-Bank to be a motivating and cost-effective way of assisting people to learn about the quality of services we offer. The combined use of colourful, animated images and clear definitions open up the meaning of words in a way that captures attention and supports understanding.

People have responded to Word-Bank with enthusiasm. Those using our learning disabilities services across the Trust were involved in a co-production project to develop definitions for our Trust values and select images to reinforce these definitions. Being able to use Word-Bank so flexibly means we can tailor our information specifically to those who need it, thereby empowering the people we work with”.
Alison Muir (Communication Lead Learning Disabilities and Forensics)
Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (NHS HPFT) logo

Enabled City have been a pleasure to work with. Their approach and attention to detail has been invaluable with shaping our communications strategy for service users.
Simon Shenton-Tan Head of Integrated Care at Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group

Enabled City has ensured that our website is accessible to people with learning disabilities. Through Word-Bank, we are assured that the information that we provide on our website is accessible to a much wider audience. We are certainly proud of the end product and had very positive responses from our end users. Enabled City has ensured that the web-development were done in true partnership with us and people with learning disabilities. Many thanks!
Stephan Brusch, Head of Safeguarding at NHS England

Commissioning a PhotoRoute map is as easy as turning on a switch: they provided the map then arranged local and external learning disability groups to test our map, then updated the map – we only had to add it to our site once which is straight forward. An additional benefit has been making connections with people with learning disabilities who have expertise in accessible Health information. This map gives us confidence that our services are accessible to people with learning disabilities, visitors new to disability and those speaking English as a second language”.
Margaret Howart – Homerton Hospital’s Head of Patient Experience

The GLA was delighted to collaborate with Enabled City on this project. The flexible nature of this small, innovative company allowed us to complete this project in an efficient timescale without compromising its quality or content. It is always a pleasure to work on projects like this, that benefit such a wide audience and showcase how the Greater London Authority is helping to make the South Bank, and London, a more accessible and inclusive place.
Julie Fleck OBE, Advisor on the Paralympics, London 2012 Unit at the Greater London Authority

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust Partner organisations and Trust staff are delighted that we now have Word-Bank on our Trust website. It was easy to install on our website and administrator via the Word-Bank system. provides the same level of excellent service for all patients regardless of disability or those speaking English as a second language. The automated dictionary plug-in provides quality explanations to difficult words and medical terms at the point of need. Users simply select the Word-Bank on/off button from the top of any page to get an easy-to-read definition with supporting animation or picture where applicable. I look forward to continued partnership working with staff at Enabled City to progress further translation facilities for difficult phrases or complex words on our website.
Eve McGrath, Senior Project Manager Corporate Nursing

External links
NHS England: The NHS Five Year Forward View or the easy read version.