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PhotoRoute SEN education enrichment course

The  PhotoRoute enrichment course was developed in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation following success of earlier joint work.

PhotoRoute was originally developed from travel training concepts used by people with learning disabilities, used by the London 2012 Paralympics, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Foundation.

People with learning disabilities becoming the service providers for our diverse populations is a great opportunity to challenge perceptions




Enrichment course aims:

  1. To create PhotoRoute maps that support access to venues and independent travel
  2. Develop work-based community and technology skills
  3. Prepare students for employment
  4. Train-the-trainer college staff to be able take the work forward following the 10 week course

Main topics to be covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Team work skills
  • Health and Safety including personal safety
  • Presentation skills
  • Living an active and healthy lifestyle
  • ICT skills
  • Practical digital photography skills

Participants’ individual learning styles will have been identified at the beginning of the course in order to enable tutors/coaches to deliver classroom-based and practical activities in appropriate ways. Sessions will include a wide range of both practical and theory activities with learners given the opportunity to work as a whole group, in small groups, and on an individual basis during each session.

We are in discussion with local suppliers about employing students to provide PhotoRoute maps for local facilities




Equal Opportunities

Every learner will be given an equal opportunity to participate in every aspect of the programme, whether in the classroom or out in the community or when delivering sessions to others about the project. All participants will be encouraged to develop a range of skills that will be transferable across college based activities and their everyday lives in general, encouraging them to work towards greater independence.

Learn about Reasonable Adjustments from the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Travel Training  with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation & West Lea School