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House of Lords revoke old and new stadium licenses

House of Lords have debated a bill to empower local authorities to revoke match day licenses for ‘glacial access improvements’ to old and new stadiums.

House of Lords TVLord Chris Holmes, Equality and Human Rights Commissioner has written to all major sponsors asking ethic’s of sponsoring illegal activities.

Being inclusive of people with disabilities does not always mean specialist provision, it often means information enabling people to make informed choices about access and service provision (otherwise known as good customer service) to access 18% of the population who nationally have a disposable income of £80 billion.

Duties as a service provider are:

  • Anticipatory Duty, service providers must be proactive in considering how their services create problems for disabled people and consider reasonable remedial action.
  • Continuing Duty, monitor and review in the light of experience.
  • Evolving Duty, not to be considered once and then forgotten.

Watch the House of Lords Accessible Sports Grounds Bill