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Transforming Care film for Local Government Association

Enabled City has been chosen to create 7 films about Transforming Care for the Local Government Association (LGA).
The film will be led by the Transforming Care Empowerment Steering Group. This group recognises the expertise that people with a learning disability and families have, and has been set up to ensure that the Transforming Care work is shaped by this.
The aims of the film are to:

  • Highlight how people with learning disabilities, autism, and behaviour that challenges are supported in the community and the importance and benefits of this.
  • Highlight the need for transformation of services to ensure care in the right place at the right time – ensuring the impact of the wrong care is understood to motivate change.
  • Share good practice, including how achievements were made and how people can be involved in the right way.
  • Realistically explain some of the challenges associated with transforming care.
  • Share Key points.
  • Provide opportunity for a number of viewpoints and experiences to be shared, including people with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities and autism with recognition that families can be important advocates for people, particularly those with more complex needs.
  • Provide a catalyst for the development of future resources to help empower people and their families.
  • Include the need to invest in engagement, with people with learning disabilities and families, and its importance. Making clear that this should be ongoing and at many levels.
  • Include information about good care including staffing and care plans.

The film will be launched in November 2016 at the annual conference of adult and child social service professionals, in total there will be:

  • 1 animated introduction to set the scene of Transforming Care
  • 5 individual stories from experts
  • 1 montage film

Learn about our process for creating user-led films.

Transforming Care film introduction & script

“After Winterbourne View, the Transforming Care programme came together with one big aim: to improve the way care and support is provided for children, young people and adults with:

  • A learning disability
  • Autism
  • Both a learning disability and autism
    • Who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition. 

The focus of the work is making sure that people are able to lead good lives in the community.
People should have the same opportunities as everyone else and get the support they need to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives.
If we get this right, less people will be admitted to learning disability hospitals and more people will get the support and treatment they need in the community. It will also mean that when people do need care and treatment in hospital, it will be good quality care and people won’t stay there longer than they need to.

To make this change happen and get a better quality of life for people, we need to empower people and families.
Real change is only possible if we do things differently and move the power from ‘service-land’ to people. This means giving back the power to those people who may have previously experienced being disempowered.

People should be enabled to be at the very centre of their own care and support. We must listen to family, friends and others who care about the person and value the expertise and knowledge that the person has about what works for them in their life and act on this. In empowering people, we can help each person to have a good life.

In this film we will hear from experts by experience who are now living in the community, or have a family member living in the community, but have experienced long stays in hospital. They will tell us about what being empowered means to them”.

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