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Make safeguarding policy make sense

Is policy making sense?

Here’s a quick example showing how Word-Bank help’s make policy mainstream.

  1. Turn Word-Bank on by clicking on the left hand sidebar Click on left hand side bar to turn Word-Bank on
  2. See bulleted text below to see new Word-Bank definitions helping make safeguarding policy accessible to those it’s designed to protect.

What is abuse?

Abuse can be different things, but it means that someone has been treated badly by someone else. Abuse can happen to women or men or children. Abuse can happen anywhere, like in your own home,
at work, in a care home or hospital, in a sports club or out and about.

  • Physical abuse online casino singapore
  • Neglect
  • Financial abuse (or material abuse)
  • Psychological abuse or (emotional abuse)
  • Institutional abuse

Word-Bank can also be used to help explain technical terms such as the offside rule.

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