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HERO Docs, saving Easy Read budgets

We’ve been busy adding new features and easy read documents to HERO docs, clients can choose from over 100 easy read templates and automatically rebrand at the click of a button, latest templates came from Imperial Healthcare, the bi-fold’s include having a blood test, general anaesthetics, MRI & CT scans, x-rays,  a nephrectomy, a bronchoscopy, a gastroscopy and having a sigmoidoscopy.
New features include clients being able to:

  • Log into to multiple accounts as requested by Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster CCGs.
  • Upload PDF, Word and PowerPoint easy read documents to their HERO doc repository.
  • Embed their HERO doc repository (via and iframe) into intranets meaning clinicians have all their patient facing documents in the one place.

Editing a HEROdocs template or download published PDF here.

Editing a template

About HERO docs

HERO (Healthcare Easy Read Online) docs was developed with and licensed by NHS Englands’ own AIS team and other leading providers including Hammersmith and Fulham CCG, West London CCG and Central London CCG, Barts, Imperial, and CNWL FT.
Part of developing the software was to plug gaps in their easy read provision resulting in:

  • Aiding compliance of Accessible Information Standard and CQC reporting
  • Drastically reduced cost and time involved in procuring specialised easy read resources
  • A database of rebrandable, clinically checked easy read templates
  • Governance by giving clients the ability to control who has editorial control over easy read content
  • Unlimited access for staff within your trust/CCG
  • Increasing clinical time and reduced waste

Need more information

Visit HERO docs FAQ and pricing page or contact us to arrange a time to speak.
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