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NHS Choices collaboration // Word-Bank offer

Word-Bank licensing offer for NHS websites

To celebrate collaborations with NHS Choices health definitions we’re offering 2 years licensing for the price of 1 year for the first 10 NHS websites which take up this offer.
We’re now syndicating NHS Choices data within Word-Bank meaning all health conditions detailed there are automatically linked to client websites.

Example of audiology

Word-Bank defintion of Audiology

Turn Word-Bank on   from left hand sidebar Click on left hand side bar to turn Word-Bank onto see NHS Choices definitions of acanthosis nigricans, impetigo or bird flu.

What is Word-Bank?

Word-Bank is an assistive technology tool that automatically adds easier-to-read definitions to client websites. It has been commissioned by the NHS to make healthcare websites easier to understand and more engaging and was developed in conjunction with the RNIB.
Word-Bank won a BBC Innovation Lab award for catching those that would fall between the information gaps. Our technological approach means that it’s very easy to install and uses browser technologies (meaning users don’t need to download anything, it just works).
It’s been independently proven by the Disability Rights Commission to aid website comprehension for people with learning disabilities.
For website visitors it means getting complex health information explained in easier-to-read definitions at the point of need. Its major benefits include: Buy DNP Fertilizer

  • Better customer experience; website visitors don’t need to go to external websites for clarification.
  • It’s inclusive meaning reduced need for specialist resources.
  • Reducing unnecessary face to face consultations and patients being better prepared.
  • It’s updated by NHS Choices, health conditions or pandemic alerts automatically cascade through to websites using Word-Bank.
  • Clients can personalise definitions or have own dictionaries added.

Easy set up

We provide secure code for a technical person to add to your website which takes under 1 hour. Dictionary management can then be done by your staff by logging into our non-technical system.
You can add Word-Bank to a section of your site, a single page (ie. complaints) or across the whole site. Once added to your site there is no technical maintenance, Here’s an example site (remembering to turn Word-bank on from top nav menu):
Or Word-Bank FAQs:

Terms of offer

How long is the discounted licensing term?
The 2 years for price of 1 year licensing offer is available till 12th of March 2018. At the end of the discounted term the normal licensing cost comes into effect but there’s no obligation to relicense, you just need to tell us you don’t want a license prior to the last 2 months of the free term.

What’s included?

  • Full access to all dictionaries and NHS Choices health definitions (maintained by NHS Choices)
  • Full access to features including ability to edit definitions, useful when contextualising definitions ie. Quality to ‘Foundation Trust Name’ means…’
  • Full access to branding facilities (and we are happy to add simple new branding features at our cost if you need changes to branding features)

How do I take up this offer?
Tell us by email that you want to take up the offer and we’ll set up an account & branding for you. Installation usually takes 1 hour for a competent IT person and set up is well documented (we can support installation but have to charge to cover costs for support).
All we ask is that you agree to write a short snappy case study once it’s up and running and tell patients about the new facility by adding information on your website and newsletters (if you have one).

I need more information..
For an example site see how Richmond and Hounslow Community Health uses Word-Bank:

Email us for more information or to arrange a time to call you back.

Find out about 13 myths of NHS England’s Accessible Information Standard (and the tools supporting):


Demo of NHS Choices conditions linking from Word-Bank

You may need to turn Word-Bank on from the left hand sidebar Click on left hand side bar to turn Word-Bank on to see NHS Choices definitions link:

• Acanthosis nigricans
• Accidents and first aid
• Achalasia
• Acne
• Acromegaly
• Actinomycosis
• Acupuncture
• Acute cholecystitis
• Acute kidney injury
• Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
• Acute myeloid leukaemia
• Acute pancreatitis
• Acute respiratory distress syndrome
• Antibiotics

Go to NHS Choices to see full list of  health conditions