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“This has helped to change the lives of people being supported by the Foundation”

Reflective Summary – our partnership with Enabled City and our use of PhotoRoute technology

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation have an ongoing relationship with Enabled City,logo Tottenham Hotspur Foundation they are the leading supplier of assistive technology products for people and businesses whose customers include those with dyslexia, mental health issues, mobility and learning difficulties.

PhotoRoute, their digital mapping solution has been used by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and the London 2012 Paralympics. It has been designed around the needs of people who need assistive travel technology. PhotoRoute provides easy read maps and travel directions which are accessible online, in transit and in print. Unlike other forms of mapping technology, PhotoRoute is designed for those with dyslexia, mental health issues, mobility and learning difficulties and provides user selectable step free options, geo-located images and audio descriptions.

Enabled City ran two staff training events for Tottenham Hotspur Foundation staff at the start of the project and has followed up with online support as and when required. Our close working relationship has enabled the Foundation to suggest enhancements to the PhotoRoute system which have been quickly implemented, these were:

  • Points of Interest casino malaysiaAdding icons and images to google maps
    This was useful for showing the location of the new Foundation offices and has enabled us to use landmarks to help young people identify their location particularly where maps cross over or when the journey extends from map 1 to map 2. It is also worth knowing that google maps are still showing the previous tenants of the building currently being used by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, whilst PhotoRoute maps are updated internally by THF and Enabled City.
  • Audio Way Finding Options
    People who are visually impaired can listen to geo located way finding instructions. This has also helped young people who find reading a challenge and has provided them with an alternative provision of information or an opportunity to use their reading skills backed up by an auditory commentary.

PhotoRoute has played an important role in making the Foundation’s wider delivery more accessible. As part of our website upgrade, we are in the process of creating and adding maps to our programme pages to enable people to travel from key points of interest to their desired session venues.

Enabled City has provided online support for our website technical team to embed their maps into our website. We have also been discussing with Enabled City how we train students from our Pathways to Employment programme to create maps across the Foundations programmes.

Parents and Young People

PhotoRoute has enabled our staff to work creatively with parents of young adults who have a learning disability. Several parents come to us with travel and independence concerns, essentially the fear of letting go. By using PhotoRoute we have been able to reassure parents and guardians that there are tools and assistive technologies out there that are available to them. One parent on our Pathways to Employment programme was keen to work with us in helping their young person’s transition towards independent travel by supporting with additional travel training sessions at weekends in their own free time. THF were able to provide PhotoRoute resources to the families to assist with their travel training sessions and to help by providing a sustainable resource for the young person to use beyond their supported journeys moving into their new independent travel lifestyle.

Working with Enabled City has been great. Our mutual respect of each other’s experience has enabled us to shape a product that is now more widely available to young people and their families. This has helped to change the lives of people being supported by the Foundation.

Example when embedding a group of maps from

Example when embedding a single map (with print options)

What to do next

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