About us

Enabled City - developed from principle of good access, amenities and attitiudeWe help organisations communicate effectively, reach new markets and exceed legal obligations through our bolt-on value adding products and services.
Our agile team combines 70 years of technology and service development, and 30 years within the disability sectors, our accessibility products are inclusively designed to have mainstream appeal, enabling clients to reach new audiences.

Our expertise comes from supplying London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and helping make meticulous NHS policy and processes more accessible for hard to reach groups – our expertise improves inclusion, safeguarding & education practices within any other sector. Enabled City has a number of inclusively designed services that are easy to bolt onto existing services and extend your market reach to:

    • The grey pound/ silver surfers
    • Young families with buggies
    • People speaking English as a second language
    • People with physical or learning disabilities
    • The Deaf community
    • Those with low literacy – the average reading age in the UK being that of an educated 11 year old (BBC)

Word-Bank logo


Word-Bank is a great facility for people with learning difficulties or those for whom English is a second language.
Word-Bank will produce, on sites licenced to do so, a pictorial, animated or textual description of a word which the reader does not understand. This is done in situ in the website, so that the reader does not have to move away from the website to gain a clear understanding.

HERO documents


HERO docs was born out of NHS Englands Accessible Information Standard (AIS), Enabled City was asked to contribute to AIS events with examples of alternative formats, following the events we collaborated with existing NHS clients and NHS England who have became early adopters, the service will be modelled around their needs prior rolling offering to other  NHS organisations.
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PhotoRoute was first developed in 2006 and based around social inclusion. With advancements in technology, and former successes of supplying the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we’ve developed a new toolkit applicable to individual travel support needs and larger scale projects, such as stadium safety and excellence in customer services. This new service has been developed with Tottenham Hotspur FC, Disabled Supporters Association and Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the next logical step is to include iBeacon technology.

PhotoRoute logo

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to encourage independent travel and grassroots engagement with people with disabilities. In expanding our relationship with Tottenham Hotspur Football Cub, our goal is to amplify the positive image of the club’s “inclusive atmosphere.”

What is PhotoRoute?

PhotoRoute is the only inclusive way finding navigation enabling fans with disabilities to travel independently to the game. PhotoRoute does what it says, utilising photos to virtually guide fans with and without disabilities to their seats from public and private transport.
A combination of photographs taken from the street environment, directional arrows and text instructions guide users through the easiest and fastest step-free routes, particularly vital for fans with physical disabilities. PhotoRoute has been designed to integrate seamlessly into client mobile and desktop websites via an iframe.

Enabled City Ltd is based in London and has offices in Shoreditch.