logos-WB-smlWord-Bank is an affordable add-on website facility which explains the meanings of difficult words. It encourages meaningful understanding of website information, allowing organisations to exceed current accessibility legislation while improving engagement.

Advantages for clients:

  • Cost effective and innovative
  • No specialist knowledge required to add to web sites
  • Automated linking technology
  • Get Yourself Active uses Word-BankEasily subscribe to dictionaries then customise individual definitions
  • Has mainstream application and appeal – not a disability specific tool
  • Comprehensive online and offline support

Advantages for site users:

  • Convenient, website users are not required to have specific training or software.
  • Provides instant clarification reducing the need to follow alphabetical lists or reference dictionaries.
  • Will not interfere with other accessibility tools including software for people with visual impairments.

“Word-Bank ensures our website is accessible to people with learning disabilities. Through Word-Bank, we are assured that the information that we provide on our website is accessible to a much wider audience.
Enabled City have ensured that the web-development was done in true partnership with us and people with learning disabilities.We are certainly proud of the end product and had very positive responses from our end users.  Many thanks!”
Stephan Brusch, Head of LD Development and Prevent Coordinator at NHS London

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