HERO docs FAQs

What is HERO docs?

HERO docs is a web-based service enabling licensed clients to search, re-brand, edit and share with patients quality assured easy read content in PDF large print or website/html formats.

What is the business case for the use of HERO docs?

To recreate the current basic content within HERO docs would typically cost each organisation upwards of £24,500 + VAT. This figure does not take into account costs for photo library licenses or the time required when commissioning easy read or the technology provided by HERO docs.

HERO docs provides a no-fuss way to:

  • Find high quality easy read content
  • Re-brand in your organisation’s branding
  • Control corporate governance
  • Share and empower large employee organisations to provide the right, current information at the point of need to patients

What are the benefits for health providers licensing HERO docs?

HERO docs has been developed around the NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS) to help NHS providers comply with the standard. Using HERO docs allows health providers to:

  • Save money spent on producing easy-read material
  • Reduce or eliminate clinical time required to approve easy read documents
  • Increase quality
  • Improve information and experience for patients

Who are the NHS Early Adopters that were instrumental in the development of HERO docs

  • Accessible Information Standards’ team at NHS England
  • Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • CWHHE Collaborative, a partnership between Central London, West London, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Imperial College Healthcare Trust
  • With support from Alison Muir at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

What ‘standard’ has HERO docs content been developed against?

  • All content added to HERO docs has been assessed against fixed criteria and as set out by our NHS Early Adopters and NHS England’s Accessible Information Standard.
  • We follow the social model of disability and value the input of people with learning and other disabilities as valued partners and employees. HERO docs employs adults with learning disabilities to quality check easy read content.
  • New content created by clients or edits of existing content will go through moderation in order to be published within the system.

HERO docs refers to ‘content’ rather than ‘documents’, why?

Easy read has traditionally been provided in Word Doc or PDF format, HERO docs aims to modernise this culture by giving patients and clinicians choice over easy read formats while increasing availability of health information via personal smart phones.

How can staff provide HERO docs content to patients?

HERO docs uses modern technologies that allow clients to deliver high quality easy read via personal smart phones, tablets, laptops & desktops.

Early Adopter clients NHS CNWL FT use their gold license (unlimited easy read content and staff users) to enable staff to provide easy read content to patients via mobile devices and to also have Word-Bank definitions.

Which browsers is HERO docs compatible with?

Any modern modern browser including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Windows 10.

What are the license options?

Clients will be able to purchase bundles credit (ie. bundles of 25, 50, 100 easy read documents), the unit cost for bulk purchasing bundles starts at £80 per document!
Visit HERO docs pricing page.

Why do clients need a PhotoSymbols license to be able to edit content?

We take intellectual property rights seriously. Clients need an additional 5 user PhotoSymbol license to be able to edit content and change pictures within your easy read content. A 5 user PhotoSymbols license costs £300 + vat per annum.
Over time  our database of quality controlled easy read content will grow, we may offer easy read using other photo libraries for which an appropriate license will also be required.

How does the credit system work?

Credits have a monetary value only within the HERO docs facility

  • Credits are used to pay to re-use easy read content created by another HERO doc client.
  • Account Leads and HERO Creators are able to purchase bundles of credit (and hence content) within their account.
  • Credit units can be spent to use content or create content on HERO docs.
  • Credit units can be earned by content authors when their content is used by other subscribers.
  • Earned credit units can be spent on your following year subscription, reducing annual fee appropriately.
  • Purchased credit units expire at the end of the subscription year, if unused.
  • Credits will be available to all users in a subscription e.g. if client has an unlimited subscription then all users with access to the account will be able to spend on new easy read content.

I am an integrated Health & Social Care organisation, can we share a license?

No, you need a license for each organisation, it is not possible to have multiple brandings within 1 account.

Can I commission a single easy read document not already within the system?

Yes, but please contact us first, HERO docs is a moderated system, content will only appear in the system after passing Quality Control. We may already be working on content so please contact us to discuss your easy read requirements.

Can clients create easy read online?

Gold clients are able to access all content on HERO docs and use the Creator tool to make easy read content online, the Creator tool streamlines content creation by:

  • Minimising duplication,
    • When clients choose to create new content the system searches all published content for similar easy read material
    • Providing a tool tip when creating content to display text and images used in similar sentence structures
    • Being able to use existing easy read content as an editable template
  • Assuring quality; content created by clients online still follow standard moderation steps prior being available to other clients on the system.
  • Clients using the Creator tool becoming the content authors (owners) who will receive service credits when others use their content.

How will clients know when content has been updated?

From time to time as policies are updated, HERO docs will inform the client’s lead/admin user when an update has been made to published content asking if you would like to accept the updated content.

Will HERO docs automate conversion of content into easy read?

HERO docs is a technological solution that aims to decrease the amount of time to  procure and create easy read content in your organisation’s branding. It does not currently automate the conversion of content into easy read.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer:

  • Bulk licensing deals, contact us to discuss your needs
  • A 30% discount on annual licensing fees for ‘Not for profit’ organisations with less than 120k turnover
  • A 15% discount on year 1 licensing fees if you also subscribe to Word-Bank (BBC awarded automated jargon buster) and PhotoRoute (Paralympic way-finding solution, ideal for hospitals)

What happens to my easy read content if I don’t re-license?

You will still be able to use easy read content downloaded in PDF format from HERO docs but not be able to access your account or any of the features such as getting policy updates, rebranding/editing HERO Doc content or appointment letter facilities.

What are the licensing terms and conditions?

All easy read content made with HERO docs templates is protected by copyright and licensable to subscribing clients and:

  • By creating content using HERO docs templates you become the author of that easy read content and are responsible for the initiating intellectual property rights.
  • By creating content using HERO docs templates you become the author of that easy read content.  Enabled City will moderate the content and ensure it is accessible to others through HERO docs. You should be mindful of plagiarising work which is the intellectual property of others, unless they have agreed you can use their work.

You can find HERO docs terms and conditions here.

HERO docs UK Patent Application No. 1601797.2