Word-Bank Testimonials

Josephine Carroll, Learning Disabilities Director, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

“We have been involved with Enabled City for 3 years now and the Trust staff have embraced their Word-Bank software to explain health language and jargon in a simplified way.Central West London London NHS Trust logo Using Word-Bank on www.cnwl.nhs.uk has been instrumental in staff being more interested in accessing easy to understand materials.
Licensing HERO Docs is an opportunity for staff to fully engage people with a learning disability and help them understand the very complicated life in Mental Health services.

Our staff will save clinical time which is best served with patients and feel much more confident in explaining complicated treatment options with the help of easy read materials. Obviously, this will help with AIS compliance and our patients will reap the benefits by having better access to mental health services as a result of HERO Docs”.

Julie Howell – RNIB logoDigital Policy Development Manager, RNIB The Royal National Institute of the Blind.

“Initiatives that make the web easier for disabled people to navigate make the web easier for everyone to navigate. Congratulations Word-Bank for joining the effort to make the web better for everyone.”

Eve McGrath – Senior Project Manager Corporate Nursing, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

 North Middlesex using Word-Bank engagement tool

“The automated dictionary plug-in provides quality explanations to difficult words and medical terms at the point of need.
Users simply select the Word-Bank on/off button from the top of any page to get an easy-to-read definition with supporting animation or picture where applicable.
I look forward to continued partnership working with staff at Enabled City to progress further translation facilities for difficult phrases or complex words on our website.”

Brian Turley – Health and Social Care Advisor at NHS London

“As a self advocate stated: Word-Bank is good because it helps people to understand medical words so that they can stay safe. It also helps to explain in simple language and pictures what the NHS does.”

Derek Hill – parent of a child with profound learning disabilities

“…I’ve never seen such genuine consultation with people with learning disabilities before, and was hugely impressed by the way you and Lisa winkled out people’s hopes and wishes.”

Pat Charlesworth, expert advocate for people with learning disabilities
Pat Charlesworth – Foundation of People with Learning Disability, Assembly Representative for Mencap and Hackney Partnership Board member

“I think that Word-Bank should be used on all websites so that I, as a person with a learning disability, should be able to go to the Web and get the information I need without having to wait for someone else to come with me.”

Catherine Sheppard – policy advisor for a housing association working with socially excluded people

“… Word-Bank is easy to use, follows clear and consistent pathways to the information which is crucial for new IT users, people with literacy issues and the many people who lack confidence to navigate around a site and are ‘turned off’ by jargon or unfamiliar words.”

Peter Lee Grys and Karl Seymour – Directors of Photosymbols

“Our work is just one part of making things easier to understand for people – one tool out of many to support people to access things in wider communities. We are always looking for tools to help in our work and enable people to use emerging technologies. Word-Bank is one such tool, and one of the best we have come across.”

Stephan Brusch – Head of LD Development and Prevent Coordinator at NHS London

“Enabled City has ensured that our website is accessible to people with learning disabilities. Through Word-Bank, we are assured that the information that we provide on our website is accessible to a much wider audience. We are certainly proud of the end product and had very positive responses from our end users. Enabled City has ensured that the web-development were done in true partnership with us and people with learning disabilities. Many thanks!”

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