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Please note the app mentioned below was developed for the London 2012 Paralympics.

In 2014 we created a system based on web apps which work without users having to download a specific app from a specific app store which was used for Tottenham Hotspur FC‘s match day experience.

In 2017 launched a new platform with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to reduce travel training barriers of those wanting to attend Foundation courses.

About London 2012’s app

PhotoRoute is designed to guide people along paths and walks, so we needed a format that allowed people to carry all the website information around with them. While you can easily print any of our routes from our website, we wanted people to be able to decide to take a tour on the go and not have to plan their day beforehand. A PhotoRoute app allows users to access all of our information from anywhere and see all the routes available without having to plan journeys before leaving the house. The additional location services integrated into the app also give the added bonus of being able to see your position along the route and find routes and walks near you.

Smart phones are not only a growing global trend, they have also been recognized as some of the best phones for people with disabilities, as they often have more extensive access settings and options, and users can customize their phones through additional content and apps to fit their needs. We hope that again by launching a smart phone PhotoRoute app, we are still reaching our client base of clients with learning or physical disabilities and also broadening our outreach.

In an article published by The Guardian, Abi James, head of product innovation at iansyst said:

“Accessibility helps all. The mobile phone industry is starting to realise that accessibility and usability go hand in hand – improvements for those with disabilities can assist all.”

Apple’s new Siri and Nuance’s Dragon Dictation software are perfect examples of how technology that has been used for years by people with disabilities is now appealing to a much wider, general audience.

This idea is exactly the concept that we at PhotoRoute have always believed. We believe that making software accessible for people with disabilities shouldn’t make other users feel like the technology is not suited to them, as improved access is something we can all benefit from. PhotoRoute has been designed with this belief in mind, they are accessible and user friendly in a way that everyone can enjoy so that everyone can have fun exploring.

2017 – a new platform for a new year

The new PhotoRoute platform is mobile ready out of the box as well as providing desktop, print and more embed options. We re-coded PhotoRoute by hand from the ground up to make it even easier for clients to create and edit maps and add more accessibility features such as being able to filter routes and removing reliance from visual searching of routes.

Embedded view with print options

 Embedded client page –

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