PhotoRoute London Premium App

Over 100 Premium Routes through Central LondonTried our free PhotoRoute app for Android and iOS and wondering why to buy the premium version? Here are our top six reasons to buy it:

It’s cheap

It’s 83p on Android and 69p on iOS.

More maps

Our premium app has over 100 routes and tours of London spanning over all of central London and beyond.

Offline access

Unlike our ‘Lite’ app, the premium app allows you to download all of the routes before you leave the house and access all the information en route, so you can avoid extra data roaming charges or using up your data allowance.

More information

Like all of our ‘Lite’ routes, all the routes have estimated walking times and distances and some of our premium routes have interesting facts and history in the information printed along the route.

London Tours

Our premium app includes all of our tours of London, from museums to theatres to parks. We’ve grouped the sights taking distance and relevance into account so that each tour is hassle free and the sights are connected. Our tours of London’s green spaces are particularly exciting as PhotoRoute London is the only app out there that guides you through parks with comprehensive photographs.

Walking guides of central London

Our maps cover all of London and are especially concentrated around central London and areas like Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Hyde Park. With our app you will have tours and routes around central London at your fingertips and can fully enjoy a relaxing walk instead of a stressful journey on public transport.

Our app is the key to a stress-free summer and Olympic experience. With accessible tours and as well as some of London’s hidden gems, exploring London has never been easier or more enjoyable. Have a look at our blog post on the Top Seven Walks on Photoroute to see a sample of what the app has to offer and find a route that suits you.