PhotoRoute works with Transport for London

All of our routes are designed to connect with Transport for London Underground and Overground stations to allow users to easily access routes from main transport nodes. Many of our tours and routes also pass stations on the way to give walkers the option of shortening routes, should they wish to leave them a bit sooner.

Transport for London

Transport for London is committed to making it easier for people to walk throughout the Olympics and has produced some walking maps of London from main transport stations that PhotoRoute compliments wonderfully. As the Olympic and Paralympic games approach, it is important to consider alternative forms of transportation to avoid huge traffic jams and delays on public transport. The walking maps that Transport for London have produced aim to show people that under these circumstances walking may sometimes be the fastest option, and that many central London stations are closer to each other than you think. PhotoRoute compliments the walking maps that TFL has produced and also provides a more accessible alternative for users with disabilities or needing step-free routes and access.

The Transport for London website pages with walking information say:

“During the Games London’s transport network will be busy and many places will be easier to reach on foot. Why not walk some or your entire journey? By avoiding busy stations, your journey could be quicker and easier. Walking will also be a great way to soak up the Games atmosphere and experience what is happening in and around the city.”

Here at PhotoRoute, we couldn’t agree more. With our tours around central London and routes to and form main transport stations, walking during the Olympics couldn’t be easier. Our top 7 walking tours of London take you through some of the most impressive sights of London and some of the world’s most majestic green spaces. Walking is quick and reliable as well as being good for your health and the environment. Our maps make it easy to dip in and out of routes with shortening options and places to take breaks dotted along the way.

The best way to discover a new city or even rediscover the city that you already live in is to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. With the Olympic and Paralympic Games, what time could be better to enjoy seeing London through new eyes whilst also beating the traffic and being smart about how you travel.