Pre-paid cash cards

Enabled City is a provider of technology solutions for people with physical and learning disabilities and those with mental health issues. It has partnered with a large digital agency to provide pre-paid cash cards for organisations which have a significant interaction and engagement with people with disabilities.

The pre-paid cash card scheme is backed and administered by a major banking group allowing the card to be used anywhere that Mastercard and Visa facilities are available. Cards must be pre-loaded with cash, before they can be used for spending. This allows for tighter cash management without the opportunity for runaway spending on credit.

For people on low incomes, or with a poor or non-existent credit rating, pre-paid cards provide one of the few ways of making electronic payments without requiring a credit card. Many people with disabilities find it difficult to obtain credit facilities to make card payments. Organisations who provide such cards to their customer communities not only provide a valuable service, they have an opportunity to generate an additional income stream from their customer base.

pre-paid cash cardSpecific benefits of pre-paid cash cards include:

  • Guaranteed approval
  • Guaranteed debit card
  • Dedicated sort code and account number
  • Direct Debit BACS clearing
  • Telephone banking
  • Online payments
  • Account Statement
  • Jam jar wallets
  • Ring-fenced jam jars
  • Bill payments

Many people without credit ratings are prevented from using the benefits of online financial transactions. Pre-paid cash cards can open up new opportunities for such people.