Sample Photoroute – Tower Hill Gateway to City Hall

To get the feel for the quality and effectiveness of PhotoRoute maps, it is often best to take a look at one of the routes. As described elsewhere, the GLA has invested heavily in the Southbank Riverside walk access improvements and as part of that investment programme, they commissioned Enabled City Ltd to produce 26 PhotoRoutes into/out of/and around the improved Southbank Riverside infrastructure.

Here is just one example of one of the Photoroute maps. This shows the route from Tower Hill Gateway to the GLA building, City Hall on the Southbank, near the Tower of London.
This is a fully functional route which is shown here in embeddable form. Click on the map and you will be able to trace your footsteps through the route.

If you click on the “view this map on enabled maps”, then you will see the full size version of the photoroute map and you can step through the decision points on the route to take you to City Hall and onto the Southbank Riverside Walk which stretches from Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge.

This is just one example of these very effective and useful maps which you can use on a mobile device or you can print out the route details before you set off and use it as your guide.

Southbank Riverside Walk

Please contact us if you would like to have PhotoRoute maps for directions to your organisation. Be helpful to your customers and make it easy for them to find you. Particularly if your customers have special access requirements, PhotoRoutes can improve the experience of your customers using your premises.

The embeddable version (like the one above) is great for the home page of your website or on your ‘how to find us’ page. It really couldn’t be any easier with our intuitive toolkit.