The Guardian lists PhotoRoute

The Guardian Technology Apps Blog has discovered Photoroute and likes what it sees. It has listed a number of recently published apps and in the list it has included Photoroute.

Here’s what it has to stay about our recently published Photoroute London mobile app.


This is a really good idea: an app from Enabled City for “accessible, editable route maps” in London, aimed at people with physical and learning disabilities, as well as people speaking English as a second language. That means step-free routes for people using wheelchairs, and photos taken along each route to aid navigation.

Android / iPhone”
The Guardian Technology Apps Blog, by Stuart Dredge

Over 100 Premium Routes through Central London

We are very pleased to have a national newspaper and media company of the standing of The Guardian confirm that they think it’s a really good idea too and with a circulation of 60,847,400, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

Photoroute London

Our first mobile version of the photoroute product family focuses on London and should help the many people visiting London for the first time, whether it’s for the Olympics or the Diamond Jubilee or for business. It comes with a whole lot of carefully selected routes and we are adding to the store of photoroutes all the time. Your investment in the mobile app version will allow you to access an ever increasing number of routes in London and, eventually, throughout the world.

If you haven’t already downloaded your version of the app you can do so on the side panel on the right. It’s available at a very special launch discount right now.