Want to explore London museums? Don’t know where to start?

Our new tours of London museums and attractions are the routes for you! Our tours take you on relaxing strolls through London, grouping London museums and attractions into easy bundles for you to explore. Choose one of our tours and see how easy it is to see the sights with Photoroute. Here are some of our favourites…

1. Our first tour takes you through South Kensington and Knightsbridge in just over 1 hour. The route includes a relaxing walk through Hyde Park and visits to the Natural History, Science and V&A Museum as well as a walk back via Harrods, through Knightsbridge. Discover the dinosaurs of the Natural History Museum, the timeless collections of the V&A and be blown away by the wonders of Science all in half a day! Sounds a bit tiring? No problem! The route is designed to take you past Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge tube stations before ending at South Kensington if you want to cut it a bit short. Click here to see the route and begin your journey today past some of the most popular of London museums!

Bloomsbury London Museums

2. Our route through Holborn and Bloomsbury guides you on a route past the British Museum, the Brunei Gallery, the UCL Museums and Collections, the British Library and the Foundling Museum. This step free route should take just under an hour (not including the time you spend in the London museums!) and takes you past Euston Square and Euston stations before finishing at Russell Square. Walk in the footsteps of Ghandi through University College London’s majestic buildings or relax and read a book in the British Library. Nice weather? Why not take some time to sit in Russell Square or Coram’s Fields and enjoy the sunshine or even have a picnic? You can access our route information here.

3. Fancy a walk through royal London? Discover Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the majestic St. James’ Park on our route through Westminster. This step free route should take only 40 minutes and includes a beautiful stroll around the lake in St. James’ Park. Walk in the footsteps of the royals and get spectacular views of the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. See if you can catch the royal changing of the guard and listen to the Guards’ band play as the soldiers march into position. Click here to begin exploring this route.

All of these London museums routes and many more are available to view and print on our website photoroute.com/maps. Enjoy walking through London completely relaxed with our easy walking instructions and photographs. With Photoroute, everyone can enjoy walking and exploring London’s gems.

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